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Wood Flooring

Budget friendly hardwood floor look

How do I achieve a wood floor look without paying a wood floor price? Learn more about LVT. 

Is engineered flooring right for me?

Engineered flooring is designed specifically to go over concrete subfloors – learn more about when to use this type of flooring. 

Hardwood flooring on a budget

There’s a very specific flooring that we recommend when people ask us for the most economical wood flooring option.

How to decide on a wood floor type

7 questions to help you decide on the type and color of wood flooring that’s right for you. 

Bedroom wood floor before and after

Wood floor installation in a bedroom, before and after. 

Beware of Formaldehyde Laced Flooring

Learn more about the the perils of formeldahyde laced flooring and how to make sure your flooring is safe.

Radiant heat wood floors

Manufacturers have different requirements when it comes to radiant heat flooring. Learn more about the correct technique and type of floor.

Installation before and after

Before and after of a wood floor installation in a small bedroom. 

Red vs. White Oak Floors

Learn more about the things you should consider when hiring a refinishing contractor for your wood floors.

Seasonal hardwood flooring gaping

Wood is expands and contracts based on the seasonal atmosphere. A licensed installer will acclimate the wood to the environment.

Prefinished vs. Unfinished

Learn more about what factors should go into the decision between prefinished and unfinished wood flooring for your home or business.

Baseboards and floor installation

Should the baseboards be removed before installing a hardwood floor? 

What to know before buying a wood floor

Learn more about the things you should consider when hiring a refinishing contractor for your wood floors.

Wood Flooring Finishes

Which wood flooring finish is right for you? Learn more about choosing from oil base, water base, or moisture cure urethane.

Which contractor should go first?

Who should go first, the painter of the wood floor contractor?

What flooring warranties guarantee

What do the manufacturers wood flooring warranties really gurantee?

Wood Floor Refinishing

Should I refinish my wood floors?

Here’s how to know if your floors can be refinished instead of replaced, and how long wood floors last.

How to choose a refinishing contractor

Learn more about the things you should consider when hiring a refinishing contractor for your wood floors.

Refinishing before and after

Before and after of a family room wood floor refinishing project.

Best way to clean wood floors

Here’s the best way to clean wood floors and what you should use.


Vinyl vs. Laminate

Learn more about vinyl vs. laminate and the advantages of both.

Modern Laminate Flooring

Learn more about the improvements to laminate since it’s inception and the advantages of this type of flooring.

Tile and Vinyl

What to know about LVT Installation

Luxury vinyl tile is one of the hottest new flooring products. Learn more about the the different looks and what rooms are the best fit for LVT.

Tile Installation before and after

A kitchen tile installation, before and after.

Luxury Vinyl vs. Luxury Plank Flooring

The latest in flooring, luxury vinyl can look like tile or wood.

Carpet and Area Rugs

Custom Area Rugs

Learn how to get custom made area rugs that are exactly the size and color you need for your room.


Rhode Island school of design

We have the commecial flooring experience businesses need. Take a look at our RISD flooring installation.

Commercial Flooring Trends

The latest trend in commercial flooring is vinyl – its versatility and durability are unmatched.

Staircases and Railings

Staircase and Railing Installation

The factors involved in installing staircases and railings, and the types of railings and spindles you have to choose from.

Staircase Refinishing Before and After

Get a look into the detailed process behind staircase refinishing.

General Flooring Information

Ace at the Rhode Island Home Show

The annual Rhode Island home show. We attend every year!

Ace’s Warwick Rhode Island Showroom

We have lots of samples and helpful staff standing by in our Warwick showroom. 

Ace Wood Flooring Warehouse

A large, fully stocked warehouse is one of the things that enables us to complete work within five days of your call.