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Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring

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Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring Installation

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Choosing the right Pre- finished hardwood floors for my home

Are you unsure on whether you should invest in prefinished or unfinished hardwood flooring? Your choice depends on what hardwood flooring qualities you are looking for.  If you can find an option that fits your vision for your home and you’re looking for the fastest hardwood installment time possible, prefinished hardwood is a good option too.  We’ve installed prefinished flooring all over RI and Ma from Warwick, Cranston and East Greenwich to Narragansett, Barrington and Attleboro, MA and our customers have been very pleased with installing prefinished  hardwood floors.

However, here’s something to consider

There are fewer options for prefinished hardwood flooring.

Ultimately, your choice for prefinished or unfinished hardwood floors is totally up to you and based on your needs and budget.  Our certified Wood flooring experts  will listen to your specific needs and help you select the best hardwood flooring for your situation.

Ace Wood Flooring

Unfinished and Prefinished hardwood Differences

  • Unfinished flooring is hardwood that has been cut to be installed but has not been stained with a finish.
  • Prefinished hardwood is flooring that has been manufactured, stained, and dried in a factory setting.

This is one of the first questions we’re asked by customers  from all over MA and RI. Here’s the answer we like to give:

The wood itself does not look all that different.  However, unfinished hardwood can be tailored to fit the room a bit better than prefinished wood due to the sanding process.  This allows for a more even surface.  You also can’t do any borders or unconventional, decorative methods with prefinished factory flooring.  The hardwood  must be installed as is.  Ace’s Wood flooring contractors stationed throughout  Southern New England have the skills it takes to make your prefinished hardwood floors look exactly how you wish them to.

Prefinished hardwood flooring is quicker and easier to install, without the need for a drying period.  The factory finish also makes it more durable.

Attention business owners: Prefinished hardwood may be for you because …

Prefinished flooring (without the need for a drying period) makes this a popular choice for commercial businesses to use because it prevents the need to close their doors to allow for the longer process of finishing on site.

The prefinished wood also prevents any allergies or sensitivities from being kicked up by the sanding and refinishing process.  It also lasts longer due to that finish.

Here’s where Ace Flooring of Warwick and Smithfield stands apart all of our competitors. We offer what’s known as our 5 Day Promise.

Here’s what that means:

We will have your floor installed within five days of your contacting us.  Period.

We work hard to serve the Massachusetts, and Rhode Islanders and are dedicated to ensuring your project is completed quickly and efficiently so that you are satisfied and can move on with running your house or business


  • Quicker Installment – Because the hardwood has been finished before installation, it cuts down on the amount of time needed for installment, seeing as the wood installation experts will not need to sand or finish the planks themselves.
  • Durability – Because your floor was finished in a factory, a powerful chemical sealer, unavailable for on site sealing is used.  Generally, the layer of finish is thicker also, which means it’s less likely to suffer from nicks or scratches.
  • Ease of maintenance – Because the surface seal is stronger, stains, scratches, dents, and other damage are less likely to occur on your new floors.  The treatment also lasts longer because of the thicker coat of finish, which means longer before your floors must be resanded and refinished.
  • Allergy/Sensitivity – If you have an allergy or sensitivity to the chemicals involved with refinishing or the dust that comes with sanding, this is a good option to avoid potential discomfort.


  • Seams – Because the hard wood planks were finished in a factory, the seal will not be applied after the planks are installed.  This means that the seal, while covering the wood itself, will not cover the small spaces between the planks- the seams.  This can make your floors more susceptible to water penetration, rot, or mold, and increase the amount of dirt and grime caught between the seams.
  • Height – Because there is no sanding process on site, any uneven flooring will not be rectified through the installation of prefinished boards.  The height of the boards can’t be customized so any sub floor irregularities will be reflected with the new boards.
  • Refinishing – Eventually even prefinished floors have to be refinished.  That same extra thick layer of finish that has been protecting your prefinished floors means that there will be extra sanding to get down past that layer.  This cuts down on the depth of the wood floor and also cuts down on the number of times that you can refinish your floors without getting too thin.
  • Repairs – Repairs are more difficult, again, due to the thicker layer of finish.  Damage can’t be fixed by just smoothing out that one prefinished wood board.  Instead, either the entire floor must be sanded and refinished, or the damaged area must be ripped out and replaced.

In the end, we suggest you speak with us to help guide you to the right product.  Stop in our Warwick or Smithfield RI showroom or we’ll come to you anytime for a free consultation.

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