Luxury Vinyl Tile, often called LVT, is the hottest material in flooring right now. Unlike its ancestor vinyl flooring, LVT is a beautiful, durable way to get the look of expensive materials like wood and ceramic—without the price tag.

In 2017, the LVT trends are following the larger flooring trendsrustic wood, unique designs, and a continued dedication to realism in recreating an authentic look of wood and tile.

Wood-Look: Wide Planks, Rustic Vibes

In 2016, the trends for real wood floors are also the trends for wood-look LVT. Since LVT has become so advanced that it is difficult to tell the difference between wood-look tile and actual hardwood flooring, this makes sense!

Like hardwood flooring trends, wood-look LVT in 2017 is all about the rustic look of wide planks. Wide planks make a space look bigger and more modern. And if you’re daring, don’t be afraid to mix plank sizes to create a unique floor!

There is also a focus on wood-look LVT with character and uniqueness. LVT that imitates exotic or reclaimed wood with “natural” imperfections is very sought after to create an authentic look.

Geometric Design

Gone are the days of simple, linear designs for wood planks and tiled floors. Now, homeowners are getting creative with the floor plan of their LVT.

Often, different sizes of tiles and planks will be mixed together and laid in different patterns—diamond, herringbone, and chevron are popular options. Modern trends are all about creating unique, interesting designs.


An ongoing trend in the LVT industry is increased realism. Of course, LVT has already come so far that most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the real thing and LVT. But the product is only getting more and more real looking!

By replicating the unique character of wood through knots, saw marks, and graining, LVT technology is getting more and more advanced. And while it may start to look more like these beautiful, expensive flooring, LVT is still much more durable than real wood!

Is 2017 The Year For You To Install Wood-Look LVT?

LVT is easy to install and maintain, durable, and beautiful. It is no longer the ugly duckling of flooring—now it is just as desired as real wood and ceramic tile. So go ahead, choose an LVT that mimics your favorite wood or tile, and lay it in a unique design to have the modern, fresh look of 2017.