One of the last decisions you make when choosing a wood floor is what finish to apply. There are a few to choose from: gloss, semi-gloss, satin, and matte. Gloss is the shiniest, while matte is the least shiny. The glossier the finish you choose, the more light reflects off the floor. This makes your floors look shiny and new, but the more light that reflects off the floor, the more dirt and imperfections show. Matte wood floors, on the other hand, don’t show all the dust and dings like shiny floors do, so they’ve become pretty popular in the last few years.


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Meet Matte Wood Floors

The Look

Lately, home design trends have turned to more rustic, natural looking styles. The trends in wood floors especially have been leaning toward a more organic look and feel. Wider planks, distressed wood, and matte finishes are all a part of this.

Matte floors are floors that are finished with a 25% luster. While some people may think these floors look dull, many prefer the look for its clean, modern appearance.

Contemporary homeowners want their floors to look real. Without all the unnatural sheen of a glossy finish, matte planks fit perfectly in this natural trend; they look the most like raw, unfinished wood. A natural, cottage-y look is more in vogue, and matte floors complete the look.



When people choose their wood floors, durability is a big concern. Hardwood floors are a big investment, so the longer they last, the more bang you get for your buck!

What will affect the durability of your wood floors most is the type of wood you choose. The harder the wood, the less it will scratch and the longer it will look like new. But the finish you choose can also have an effect on durability. The less gloss in your floor’s finish, the less scratches, dings, and imperfections will show (same goes for dust and dirt!).

So if you have a large family, pets, or a high-traffic area in your home, the more matte (the lower the percentage of luster) your floors are, the less damage will show up on your floors. Matte floors are especially great for beach homes or cottages that may see more wear and tear than the typical family house.

Another Flooring Finish Option: Satin

If matte wood floors are a bit too extreme for you, another more popular, less trendy option is a satin finish. Satin, also referred to as low-luster or low-gloss, is one step glossier than matte. It’s very popular with both homeowners and flooring manufacturers. They have all the great features of matte floors but are less of a statement. Homeowners with more traditional tastes would probably prefer satin over matte floors.

Trendy and Functional

The fact is, that high-sheen floors look great on Pinterest, but in real life they’re a lot of maintenance and aren’t as durable as you may wish. Because of this, matte floors are a popular trend that you should consider for your floor’s finish.

Choosing the finish on your wood floor is probably your last decision, and luckily it is not a permanent one. You can try out one type of sheen, and if you don’t like it, you can easily refinish with another one. So go ahead, try out the matte floor trend. And if you have any questions, make sure to give us a call.