Hi! This is Troy with Ace Wood Flooring. Today I’m here to discuss wood flooring on a budget. Quite often people come in the showroom looking for an economical wood floor. Well I’m here to tell you that the best bang for your buck would be ¾ solid 2 ¼ inch pre-finished oak flooring.

They can come in a variety of colors from butterscotch to natural to golden oak. It’s the same exact price whether you add a color to a pre-finished or not; the factory does not charge us an additional fee.

People come into the store quite often thinking they want an engineered wood floor because that’s what they’ve heard on HGTV. Engineered wood floors are not for the people in the Northeast, traditionally. And they quite often cost more than a solid wood floor.

Another scenario is if somebody would come in and say, “do you have a laminate or a PERGO wood floor?” There is no such thing. A laminate and a PERGO is basically a fiberboard, which is a fancy word for cardboard. It is not a wood floor.

So when you’re looking for a wood floor on a budget, go with a pre-finished, 2 ¼ solid, ¾ inch thick, and that will be your best price. So if you have any further questions, please visit us on our website, acewoodfloors.wpengine.com, or call us at 401 241 3966 and talk to me, Troy.