Hi! I’m Troy from Ace Wood Floors. Today’s topic is: How to achieve a wood floor look without paying a wood floor price. The option that we recommend is called Luxury Vinyl Tile, or LVT. It installs like a laminate but the difference is that it’s a vinyl product that is 100% water-proof. You can achieve the wood-look, the wood-feel, but it will perform like a hardier vinyl product. Quite often, when you’re going over a concrete sub-floor, this is what you would choose. Luxury vinyl is great for installing in the basement of your own home, or on the lower level of a raised ranch house up here in New England.

Some of the benefits of an LVT: it’s easy to clean, scratch resistant, it can take a beating—pets and high heels have virtually no effect upon this product.

Today, quite often, we’ll see this particular product in your local super market, or doctor’s office, or dentist’s office, where they’re trying to crate a warmer look yet compete with the New England weather. This particular product is commercially rated for 10- to 20 years, depending on the product you choose. And it’s rated for life within your residence.

So if you have any further questions, please visit us on our website at acewoodfloors.wpengine.com, or call us at 401 241 3966, and talk to me, Troy.