I talk to people everyday and people ask me, “Can I get a carpet cheap?” The best answer I give them is, “Do you go into a restaurant and ask, ‘Can I get food bad?'” Keep in mind that the installation of a carpet is the same whether you install a low grade, medium grade, or high grade carpet. The difference in price between a low grade and medium grade may only be a dollar per foot. From a medium to a high grade may only be 50 cents per foot. So keep that in mind when you’re choosing which carpet is best for you.

Also keep in mind we all buy carpet from the same manufacturers. There are only three primary manufacturers in the United States and we all buy from them, it is whether or not they private label them, so in the end it may come down to price.

Also, you want to consider quality of service. At Ace Wood Flooring, we have the experience and knowledge to help you make a decision. We have thousands of options to choose from. We will help you make the right carpet installation decision.

How to Choose the Best New Carpeting For Your Needs

The room you are carpeting should determine the carpet you use. You want to be sure to consider: What room is being carpeted? Is there heavy or light traffic in this room? Is the room a focal point in the home for activities? And is there is an entrance to an outside door?

If it is a heavy traffic room that entertains many activities, such as a living room, you should definitely consider a higher grade quality carpet. High quality carpet would also be recommended for a hallway with a door leading outside and high traffic stairs. If it is a room with heavy traffic but not as much activities, such as an adult’s room, a higher grade is recommended but medium grade should still do the trick. Finally, if it is a low traffic room, such as a basement or attic that is not typically used, you should be able to get away with using low grade carpeting.

1. The room you are carpeting should determine the color of the carpet.

Another thing to consider is what color carpet you are using for a room. You need to ask yourself: How much traffic is going through the room? Are kids typically in this room? What is the size of the room? And what does the lighting for this room look like? If this is a room with high traffic, especially if it is a hallway with an outside door where people will be walking in with dirty shoes on, it would not be best to use a light colored carpet that shows dirt.It also would not be smart to get light carpeting where kids are at play, like for their rooms, otherwise you will have to get the carpets cleaned a lot more and they will eventually stain.

The connection to size of a room and colors are: Small rooms with lighter carpet and big rooms with darker carpet. The reason for this is that the color of the carpet can actually affect how big the room looks. Adding light carpet to a small room makes it look bigger, while adding dark carpet to a big room makes it look more small and cozy.

The connection to the lighting of a room and colors are: Highly lit rooms, from lights and sunshine through the windows, show off the color of the carpet so you can go dark, and dimly lit rooms need a lighter carpet to avoid looking even darker.

2. Your budget plays a major role in determining your carpet.

You want to find your perfect carpet to make your room look spectacular, but make sure your eyes don’t get bigger than your wallet. Figure out what carpet you really like that stays within your price range at the time of installation. Remember too that the size of the room being carpeted can play a big role in the price tag, not just the quality of carpet itself. Meaning, you can pay more for a better carpet if the room is smaller, however, the price of your carpet comes more into question the bigger the room, or rooms, that need to be carpeted.

3. Not all rugs are the same.

While it may seem as if all carpets play the same function, being a soft and warm material for the floors with a nice design, that is not actually true. Thanks to new technology, there are many sorts of carpets with different quality and durability.There are high quality carpets that can last longer to wear and tear, high traffic, dirty shoes, and stains of all sorts. As previously mentioned, high quality carpets are more commonly used in rooms such as living rooms, bathrooms, kid’s rooms, hallways, and stairs.

However, high quality carpets are the more expensive option.Then there are medium quality carpets, which finds a happy medium between durability and cost, quite possibly the biggest bang for your buck. Medium quality carpets can be used in places with a lot of traffic but less activity on the carpet. High quality carpets are still recommended, but you can definitely choose a medium quality carpet for rooms such as an adult’s bedroom, dining room, den, and guest room.

4. Lastly, if you’re looking for the least cost effective option, you can opt for low quality carpets.

They will still do the trick, but they will probably stain, wear, and tear faster than the other options. To cut costs, low quality carpets can be installed in rooms with little traffic, little to no activities, and very small rooms, such as closets or a basement or attic used mainly for storage as opposed to being used for activities.

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