If you do not, you may void the manufactures warranty (although the chances of collecting on a warranty are almost impossible).

The recommended guidelines for installing a hard wood floor are universal. They do not vary, regardless of where you live.

The problem with this is that climate difference has a big effect on wood flooring. A very humid climate (southwest U.S) will cause the floor to expand more than in the northeast where Ace Wood Flooring Inc. is based.

Because we are located in the northeast, we use a three step installation technique:

  • Remove baseboards
  • The use of an additional 3 quarter round molding on top of the baseboard
  • Snug fit the flooring to the baseboards

In the northeast we have more dry months than humid months.

Each installation should be judged by the installer and the homeowner. It should take into account many variables, i.e. moisture, humidity, wall and base board paint,and the type of baseboard, and furniture, and whether the home is newly constructed or not.